Alice in Wasteland

alice, abcnt, wasteland, sculpture, wonderland, vuilnisbeltAlice in Wasteland
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alice, abcnt, wasteland, sculpture, wonderland, vuilnisbelt
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alice, ABCNT, mighty jaxx, wasteland, statue
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"Alice In Wasteland is an expression of juxtaposition that's almost ironic. The story of Alice is that she goes down a rabbit hole and keeps discovering all these beautiful places, eventually maybe, coming out into a Wasteland where everything is in a million pieces. Maybe she expected her journey to take her to another magical world? Stepping back and looking at the entire picture, it reflects the biggest global environmental issue right now - which is the pollution of waste leading to growth of mountainous landfills. Assuming that Alice portrays the Earth and is sitting in between all the trash, she is sad and disappointed because humans are destroying her (also visible in her tattered & hopeless look)." - quote artist

Techniek: Polystone
Hoogte: 22 cm
Jaar: 2020
Staat: Nieuw