Denial Krylon Pill

Prijs:€ 299,00
Schermafbeelding 2020-04-11 om 10.11.418
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Titel: Fashion Addict - Overdose "Krylon edition"
Limited edition: 50 stuks
Certificaat: genummerd met handtekening artiest
Staat: nieuw
Techniek: Archiving Pigment Print Transfer op skateboard

Afmetingen: 79,4 x 20,3 centimeter

Quote kunstenaar: 
"We are all addicted. Shelf Medication is a visual exploration into our addiction and relationships with brand culture and consumerism. The work in this exhibition speaks to the manipulation we are all subjected to through brand advertising. These corporate brands play to our insecurities, wants and needs so significantly that we have become addicts to the feelings that they provide. Our identities have become a commodity one can simply purchase. Shopping and consumption have now become our medication."